If you have a hankering for great food, great drinks, and an even greater time, then it’s time to head to Hank’s. 

As Malta’s favourite American bar and grill, we’ve been delivering our signature brand of awesomeness since we opened way back in… oh, who’s counting anyway? Time flies when you’re having fun.

Experience the legend of Hank for yourself.

EURO 2024

Get ready for an unbeatable football experience at Henry J. Bean’s!

Our place is a football fan’s paradise, with massive HD screens, both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing you a front-row seat to every thrilling moment, no matter where you are. We’re showing every single game, so you won’t miss any of the action.

 Our game-day menu is packed with fan favourites like sizzling wings, mouthwatering burgers, and ice-cold beers, perfect for celebrating every goal.


Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or a mid-meal bite, you can always look forward to a made-from-scratch menu that satisfies every appetite.

So, drop by Hank’s any time of the week to chow down on finger-lickin’ nibbles, legendary burgers, smokin’ grills, sinfully delicious desserts, and more.


Henry J. Bean’s sports bar is a vibrant and welcoming spot, perfect for sports enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. 

Decked out with multiple large-screen TVs strategically positioned for optimal viewing from any seat, the bar is always buzzing with the excitement of live sports events. 

The atmosphere is distinctly American, reflecting its roots, with memorabilia and sports-themed decorations adding character to the space. 


Hank’s menu is like a nostalgic road trip across America, with each dish offering a taste of classic diners, smoky barbecue joints, and bustling city eateries.

From the juicy, hand-formed burgers that bring back memories of backyard cookouts to the fall-off-the-bone ribs slathered in a rich, smoky sauce, every bite is a celebration of American culinary traditions.

It’s a fun, flavor-filled journey back in time, where each meal is served with a side of laughter and the comforting warmth of good old-fashioned hospitality.


We take the traditional football viewing and give it our own twist—welcome to Euro 2024 at Henry J. Bean’s, where we believe more is merrier and showing every single game makes all the difference.

With massive HD screens both indoors and outdoors, you can enjoy every thrilling moment of Euro 2024 in a true sports bar atmosphere.

Henry J. Bean’s stands out by making sure you’re well taken care of for every match, because here, we celebrate every goal, every save, and every moment to the fullest.


A place where families aren’t just welcomed; they’re celebrated. It’s a cosy retreat where every meal feels like a family reunion, and Hank himself treasures the laughter and chatter of kids debating over which dessert to share or parents relaxing with a well-deserved drink.

Here, the menu caters to all ages, ensuring that from the pickiest of eaters to the most adventurous foodies, everyone finds something to love.

Hank’s vision extends beyond serving meals; it’s about creating a space where family time is cherished, memories are made around the table, and every visit feels like coming home.


At Hank’s, sports are more than just background noise; they’re a passion that lights up the atmosphere, turning every game, match, and race into a communal celebration.

With screens strategically placed for optimal viewing from every angle, you’re never far from the action, whether it’s the heart-pounding final seconds of a football game or the nail-biting climax of an F1 race.

At Hank’s, every day is game day, a haven for sports enthusiasts who believe that watching the game with fellow fans, cold drink in hand, and surrounded by the electrifying energy of Hank’s, is the next best thing to being in the stands.


The outside terrace at Hank’s offers an open-air escape, where the lively ambience of the indoors meets the tranquil beauty of dining under the open sky.

This alfresco dining area reflects Hank’s commitment to simple pleasures—enjoying great food, great company, and the beauty of the outdoors.

Whether it’s the warmth of a summer evening or the crispness of an autumn night, the terrace is a beloved venue for making any meal feel more special and memorable.


As night falls, the scene shifts to a lively mix of freshly stirred cocktails and the smooth grooves of good music, setting the stage for evenings that stretch happily into the late hours.

Amidst this, there’s a buzz about our quiz nights— adding a unique twist.

So, while you’re sipping on expertly mixed drinks and nodding along to the beats, stay tuned for these quiz nights that might just become a regular highlight, blending smarts with our usual fun and flair.


Whether you’re looking to host a birthday bash that goes down in history, a family reunion that bridges generations, or a corporate event that breaks the mould of the mundane, Hank’s is your canvas.

Our space, from the cosy nooks inside to the airy freedom of our terrace, is perfect for tailoring events that capture the spirit of your celebration.

With a team dedicated to bringing your vision to life, complete with set menus and a setting that buzzes with Hank’s signature warmth, we’re here to ensure your event is not just hosted but heartily celebrated.


Hank’s commitment to satisfying your cravings doesn’t end at our door; it extends right into the heart of your home with our dedicated food delivery service.

Whether you’re yearning for the smoky aroma of our signature ribs or the indulgent delight of our handcrafted burgers, we ensure that your favourites are packaged with care and delivered to your doorstep.

So, next time the hunger pangs hit or you’re simply in the mood to treat yourself to some comfort food, remember, Hank delivers, every time.


We’ve got your convenience in mind, which is why we offer free parking. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a spot.

Just pull up, park, and step inside for an experience that’s all about good food, good times, and zero parking stress.

It’s our way of making sure that from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, everything’s as easy and enjoyable as the dining experience itself.