Our menu pays homage to cocktail classics while infusing them with a distinctive twist. Take, for instance, the Irish Espresso Tini—a perfect blend of Baileys, vanilla vodka, and espresso, offering a rich, creamy sip with a caffeine kick. 

The Hank’s Porn Star Martini, with its exotic mix of vanilla vodka, passion fruit, and lime, promises a tropical escape in every glass. Each classic cocktail on our list is not just a drink but an experience, curated with care and served with a dash of Henry J. Bean’s signature flair.

Venturing into the realm of creativity, our Twisted Classics like the Vanilla Long Island and Popcorn Negroni present a bold reinterpretation of familiar favourites. 

These inventive concoctions merge traditional ingredients with unexpected elements—popcorn syrup in a Negroni, for instance—challenging and delighting the palate in equal measure. 

For those seeking non-alcoholic options or seasonal specialities, our menu doesn’t disappoint.

The Homemade Raspberry & Peach gin offers a botanical journey with a fruity twist, while our mocktails like the Heavenly Angel and Elderflower Lemonade provide sophisticated, alcohol-free alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or presentation.


At Henry J. Bean’s, the cornerstone of our guest experience is the much-anticipated Happy Hour and a Half, thoughtfully scheduled every day.

This extended happy hour is our way of ensuring that joy and value go hand in hand, providing our guests with more reasons to smile and relax in our comfortable setting. Each day, for a generous 90 minutes, patrons are invited to enjoy an array of two-for-one deals on a carefully selected range of beverages.

It’s an invitation to treat yourself to double the pleasure without stretching your wallet, whether you’re rounding off a day at the office or starting your evening out on the town.


Henry J. Bean’s transforms the traditional happy hour into an extended celebration, offering 90 minutes of unmatched value every day, including weekends, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

This unique offering allows you to savour two-for-one deals on a diverse selection of cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits, all in the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of our beloved venue.

It’s an invitation to unwind, connect, and indulge a little longer, ensuring that every visit is not just an outing, but a memorable experience where joy, laughter, and good times linger well beyond the hour (and a half).